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Three Palms Motocross Park

Three Palms Motocross is one of the ultimate motocross Tracks in Texas. Three Palms MX has four full Motocross tracks, 2 Peewee tracks, and a Woods Track as well as Off Road Trails for beginners and kids.

The main track at Three Palms Motocross is the Extreme Track, complete with lights and irrigation for the perfect amount of water. This Texas mx track consists of multiple tabletops, a large step-up, and a new double. Riders of all ability levels are able to enjoy this great Texas motocross track.

Other tracks at Three Palms Motocross include, The River Track, The River Track, The GP Track, and two Peewee tracks. The first peewee track is, a small motocross track for beginner to novice's. And finally the extreme Peewee mx track, this Texas motocross track is perfect for the more experienced little rider.

Three Palms Action Sports Park

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